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Romance Doll (2020) ((INSTALL))

It was a pre-destined love and marriage for Sonoko and Tetsuo. They tied the knot and became husband and wife no questions asked. All is well then. Well, perhaps not. Each holds a secret that even the bonds of matrimony cannot untie. Sonoko does not know that Tetsuo makes sex dolls or Dutch wives. Sonoko has a secret too. She is about to tell Tetsuo what she has been hiding. Their marriage is already sexless. Will they make it?(Source: IMDb) Edit Translation

Romance Doll (2020)

What follows from here is a part-romance/part slice-of-life drama as Tetsuo keeps his true work a secret from Sonoko while their relationship blossoms and leads to marriage. Only, Sonoko has a secret of her own and across the 2 hour run-time, these come crashing to a head during the climactic third act that rounds things out nicely with a befitting final scene.

Young and penniless artist graduate Tetsuo (Issey Takahashi) is tricked into a job interview that leaves him rather surprised. The interview is for a sculptor and he certainly fits the requirements but what Tetsuo doesn't know is that the little factory where he's being interviewed produces sex dolls or, as they are re-named to avoid law implications, love dolls. Tetsuo decides to accept the offer as he really needs to get a steady income and becomes, rather unenthusiastically, the assistant of the middle-age head of the department, Kinji (Kitaro) or Kin Kin as the colleagues call him. Kin-kin's mission is to create the ultimate love doll and to do so, he wants to combine his experience of materials with Tetsuo's fresh eye and skills. But their final product is harshly dismissed by the company boss (Pierre Taki). Boobs are too big and unrealistic; size is not always a sign of perfection. Consequently, to make realistic boobs they resort to cast some real ones. But how, without looking sleazy? They decide to advertise for an art model and declare the molds are for medical prosthetics. Dressed up like doctors, the two clumsily welcome Sonoko (Yu Aoi) a shy model who is thrilled by the idea that her gesture will help other women.

One of the most entertaining parts of the movie is the doll factory, not only because it sparks curiosity for a rarely seen production line, but also for the way the author constructs it. Far from seedy, the little artisanal factory is a place of honest, dedicated people, with solid work ethic and diligence, yet very humane and resembling a big family. So much of a family that Tetsuo almost forgets he has his own little family that is under threat of negligence.

Tetsuo initially takes a job at a sex doll production company for the cash, but soon discovers his respect for the craft of creating the perfect model. While attempting to cast the shape of more realistic breasts, he meets and falls for Sonoko.

I was actually more interested before the romance aspect of the film set in, as the enthusiasm of the small team trying to create the ultimate sex doll was fun to watch. Fortunately it comes full circle by the end.

Truth and pretending. Emotional vampirism and the ways fictions replace actual understanding in marriage and, well, the craft of "romance dolls". Strong performances all around and director Yuki Tanada has a good handle in her movie balance between its more mainstream romantic parts and its chilly undercurrents.

Hmmm, i am surprised this film decided to take zero risks given the premise, there are some fleeting moments that allude to a movie that could have been (especially the final scenes) but in the end it's a standard melo/romance drama with touching performances and a good hook.

Had a lot of potential and Yu Aoi was just as lovely as ever but it just fell flat by the end. I also had issues with the fact that Tetsuo chose to model his ultimate love doll, which immediately sold like pancakes, after his recently deceased wife. Wtf?!

DaveCat, for example, wove a complex backstory for Shi-Chan: the daughter of a Japanese father and English mother who grew up in Manchester, UK. Each day is a new scene unfolding in his epic drama. The doll then, is the projector screen that this movie appears on; it brings the movie to life.

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