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Download Route 66 Maps Navigation !FREE!

Yes and no. The whole Route 66 Navigation app content features are working properly wherever an internet connection is available. However, the functions associated with your location do not work in the navigation part of the app outside of the USA. Conversely, if you manually configure the route from point A to point B on Route 66, you can prepare and save the itinerary of your entire Route 66 trip outside of the USA.

Download Route 66 Maps Navigation

Yes, but with some limitations. Navigation is set to connect travelers to the nearest Route 66 point and allow them to ride Route 66 in the selected direction, either west or east. It may, therefore, be offered a longer or less efficient route compared to other navigation systems. Instead, directly on Route 66, your app will navigate only on Route 66 to show you a route on Route 66 even if you turn out to another route. :)

We introduce to you a brand new generation of Route 66 Navigation app! Find genuine Route 66 and stay on the historic road all the time from Chicago to Santa Monica!MAIN FEATURES OF ROUTE 66 NAVIGATION:- turn-by-turn directions for historic Route 66 westbound as well as eastbound- full offline mode (no data roaming needed for navigation, just download the app data and maps to your phone and you are good to go!)- plan with the map of Route 66 with all the points of interests- enjoy new interactive dashboard- simple use, find the destination on the map or select the city- activate the app through QR codes / redeem cards- join Route 66 at any point and continue to your destination- unique POI (points of interest) notified during navigation directly on your map- up-to-date maps with any closure or detour noted- plan and save your trip day-by-day- 920+ attractions along historic Route 66- designed for good visibility while riding your motorcycle or driving a carRead free Route 66 guide published in 6 languages at to Route 66 Navigation app you can fully enjoy your trip through Route 66 without stress and worry. Every mile of Route 66 has been carefully charted and considered as we chose the most beautiful and most interesting sections with hundreds of POI attractions.Our turn-by-turn navigation app has been developed so that you can choose the right path for you whether you are a motorcycle rider, or drive a car. We have created routes to suite your preferred travel style.During the trip it will display not only instructions for navigation, but the application will continue to alert you about interesting POI along the path you have chosen.Route 66 Navigation offers two alternative routes whether you are west or east bound. The main route in either direction contains the most widely known iconic parts of Route 66. The second route in either direction provides a path to explore and discover passages of the old Route 66 that existed in different periods of its operation.With our Route 66 Navigation app you can explore and discover scenic views, old bridges, smaller sleepy towns and savor the non-repetitive journey of the old and new Route 66 paths.The app allows you to navigate in both directions from west to east or east to west. Route 66 Navigation app works fully when offline so thanks to our app you will be able to fully orientate yourself even in areas with limited telephone signal or mobile data coverage.We are travelers who are committed to delivering superior services to you our fellow travelers. We are constantly upgrading and improving the itinerary, constantly updating POI for the 66 Navigation app so you can choose the path you wish to take and customize your own unique experiences.Route 66 Navigation is a free app with In-App Subscription for full navigation features. The free app allows you to view all the POI, events on Route 66, news, send your travel report or use S.O.S functionality.Subscription will be charged to your credit card through your Google Play account.TERMS & CONDITIONS -conditions-route-66-navigation/PRIVACY POLICY -privacy-policy/

Our turn-by-turn navigation app has been developed so that you can choose the right path for you whether you are a motorcycle rider, or drive a car. We have created routes to suite your preferred travel style.

Route 66 offers a free 30-day license for navigation, speed cameras and traffic information to all users. Even after this trial period expires, the app can be used to explore maps, search for destinations and calculate best possible routes to those locations. However, users who are interested in availing all the navigation and other limited features on a permanent basis, can apply for new license from within the app. License prices vary depending upon the service that you wish to avail.

The route is no longer officially designated or signed as Route 66 (as it was decommissioned in 1985); however, more than 80% of this original route can still be driven today with the help of Route 66 guidebooks and maps. Route 66 has become a symbol of early roadside America, and tourists drive it today for its history, sites, and nostalgia.

Good news is that as time goes on, more signs are being put up along the route to denote the Historical Route 66 and some maps are including parts of Route 66 as a tourist or scenic highway. However, these sorts of signs and denotations are not consistent along the route, and are sometimes conflicting and confusing, so the best way to find the route and stick to it is with the help of a good guidebook or Route 66 specific map.

We get asked a lot about paper or digital maps for Route 66 one can use for turn-by-turn navigation. We have seen several and own a couple, but none are really ones we can recommend. The Here It Is maps are great for daily planning but are not to scale driving maps. None of the to-scale maps are detailed enough to actually use on their own and are best used for planning. If you find a great Route 66 map, do let us know!

Paper maps and road atlases may seem dated to many young travelers, but I would highly recommend having them available even if you plan to primarily navigate using a GPS or maps app on your smartphone. Given that things change regularly (probably daily) on Route 66, try to buy the most up-to-date guides and maps available. It can be quite disappointing to turn up to eat at a historic restaurant to find out it closed 5 years ago or find your chosen route blocked by a missing bridge.

Hi BethanyMy wife and I are currently doing route 66 and we are using the Route 66 Navigation . Once we had the maps downloaded on our phone we could then use them off line. We have found it to be very helpful leading us to attractions and through the towns and cities along the route. We have used this post during our planning of the trip (we are from Ireland) and have found it very helpful. We also refer back to it every evening for advice.

It seems impossible to find a great maps application that offers navigation possibilities at an affordable price. But ROUTE 66 Maps + Navigation has managed to do it. By downloading ROUTE 66 Maps + Navigation free for Android you'll have access to all the maps and their updates.


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