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Destination Golf Tournament (Copa de Golf Melia Cuba) Group

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Fall color in the Florida landscape may be a little different than more northern areas but it is just as dramatic with the right plant selections. One of the favorite perennials that is in peak bloom right now is the Cassia or butterfly plant, Cassia bicapsularis. Grown for its showy bright yellow flowers, this soft-wooded perennial can be a garden accent when grown as a small tree. Plants normally grows as a multi-stemmed plant with a vase shape or rounded canopy. Size ranges from 5-10 feet in height and the best flowering is when plants receive full sun.

I've searched the Pensacola ordinances looking for an answer to my problem. I'm a tree hugging type, very into preserving our planet and trees; but, there's a heritage tree right on the fence line that's roots have utterly destroyed the foundation of our pool house. There's one crack the runs nearly the entire length that's displace the floor by a full 1/2 inch. We're in East Hill in an old home and it's clear the root damage began long ago. What are my best options to mitigating this growing, pun intended, damage to my home?


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