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Hotel Bau (2009)

La sedicenne Andi e suo fratello Bruce sono due giovani orfani con una sfrenata passione per i cani. Quando però i nuovi tutori decidono di vietar loro di tenere un cucciolo in casa, i due prendono possesso di un vecchio hotel abbandonato e lo trasformano in un hotel per cani, accogliendo tutti i randagi della zona. Riusciranno Andi e Bruce a mantenere la loro attività senza farsi scoprire? Una tenera e divertente commedia sull'amicizia il lavoro di squadra l'aiutare gli altri e la fratellanza.

Hotel Bau (2009)

Chiunque abbia avuto un cane sa quanto sia elevata la sua capacità di integrazione e quanto riesca ad imporsi come membro della famiglia, o del branco dal suo punto di vista, di cui fa parte. In questo senso, la sua presenza diventa fondamentale ed insostituibile e lo è inevitabilmente ancora di più per Andi e Bruce, i due protagonisti di Hotel Bau (in inglese Hotel for Dogs), la cui famiglia è composta soltanto da loro due ed il piccolo Venerdì. Comprensibile il loro dispiacere nell'apprendere che i bizzarri tutori a cui sono stati affidati non ne vogliono proprio sapere di avere un animale in casa.Ma a tutto c'è una soluzione e la trova proprio il piccolo quadrupede del gruppo, che nel corso di una fuga notturna dei ragazzi, impegnati e non farsi catturare dalla polizia per qualcosa che non hanno fatto, si infila in un hotel abbandonato che da quel momento in avanti diventerà un rifugio perfetto non solo per loro, ma per tutti i randagi della zona: infatti i ragazzi approfittano del posto trovato così accidentalmente per radunare tutti i cani senza padrone del circondario e mettere insieme una famiglia allargata a cui dedicare le loro amorevoli cure, fatte di cibo e divertimento per bipedi e quadrupedi.

By exhibiting in one of the official EFM locations companies can leverage several benefits such as:special rates and priority access for screening slots, selected number of free Market Badges, reduced hotel rates, special offers for advertising, company entry in EFM publications and overall signage, Visitor Passes, one year access to the industry area of the EFM website, reduced rental rates for event locations and a selected number of WiFi access codes

The W Barcelona Hotel, popularly known as the Hotel Vela (Sail Hotel) due to its shape, is a building designed by Ricardo Bofill located in the Barceloneta district of Barcelona, in the expansion of the Port of Barcelona. The hotel is managed by Marriott International marketed under the brand W Hotels.

The five-star hotel comprises 473 rooms, 67 suites, 400 employees, a bar located on the rooftop, a spa and fitness centre, indoor and outdoor pools, terraces, beaches, restaurants, rooms dance, and other facilities grouped under a platform of terraces.[1] The hotel also provides a restaurant lead by the Michelin-starred chef, Carles Abellán.[3]

The W Barcelona Hotel was built on land owned by the Port Authority of Barcelona, a public entity, but the award method for the project has not been made public. In the Barceloneta neighborhood, there have been voices against the building, arguing that the law states that a building can only be built on land reclaimed from the sea if it is a port facility. Nudists and surfers, groups that can often be seen on the beaches of Barceloneta and Sant Sebastià, argue that the hotel complex alters the sea currents due to the extension of the breakwater, as well as altering wind currents, affecting Catalan catamaran competitions and the practice of windsurfing. Another controversy derives from the fact that it does not comply with the Spanish coastal law, which specifically prohibits building at less than 100 meters from the coast, while the hotel was built at merely 20 meters from the sea.[4][5]

In the episode "Omnivore", C. Thomas Howell guest-starred as George Foyet, the only person who survived a string of killings committed by a killer known as "The Boston Reaper". Louis Ferreira guest-starred as Roy Colson, a novelist and the author of the novel Night of The Reaper. In the episode "House on Fire", Tommy Dewey guest-starred as Tommy Wheeler, a serial arsonist who burns down a movie theater, killing everyone trapped in it. Shannon Lucio guest-starred as Tommy's sister Tina. In the episode "Conflicted", Jackson Rathbone guest-starred as Adam Jackson, a delusional serial killer who has a female alter-ego named Amanda. Susan Ward guest-starred as Julie Riley, a hotel manager who was suspected of committing the murders of several men. Roma Maffia guest-starred as Detective Reese Evans, who leads the investigation of the murders.

Among the finest facilities on the Ball State campus, our hotel provides convenient accommodations for campus visitors. The third floor of the Pittenger Student Center is home to 24 guest rooms and a spacious hospitality suite.

1. There is a $250 recovery charge for the cost of deep cleaning any hotel room in which a guest smokes. In these cases, the charges may be applied after the guest checks out and the housekeeping staff reports evidence that smoking has occurred either from physical evidence or the presence of the odor of smoke.

3. If there is any tampering with the smoke detectors in any room the guest will be evicted from the hotel. The room rate for the date of eviction will be fully charged as well as all other applicable fees.

Reserved parking is available in Lot G-8, the west side of the Student Center. Hotel guests may park for free in ANY yellow lot with a hotel parking permit which is issued at check-in. Parking for a fee is available in the parking structure immediately south of the Student Center. A visitor's parking map is available in a printer friendly format. For more detailed information go to

The Student Center entrances are locked at 11pm Sunday - Thursday and at 1am Friday and Saturday. Hotel guests entering the Student Center after these hours will need to use the west or north entrance. Please use key card or unregistered guests press the call button on the post by either of these entrances to contact the hotel front desk for access to the building.

No episódio "Omnivore", C. Thomas Howell co-estrelou como George Foyet, a única pessoa que sobreviveu a uma série de assassinatos cometidos por um assassino conhecido como "The Boston Reaper". Louis Ferreira co-estrelou como Roy Colson, um romancista e autor do romance Night of The Reaper . No episódio "House on Fire", Tommy Dewey co-estrelou como Tommy Wheeler, um incendiário em série que incendeia um cinema, matando todos presos nele. Shannon Lucio co-estrelou como a irmã de Tommy, Tina. No episódio "Conflicted", Jackson Rathbone co-estrelou como Adam Jackson, um serial killer delirante que tem um alter-ego feminino chamado Amanda. Susan Ward co-estrelou como Julie Riley, um gerente de hotel que era suspeito de cometer os assassinatos de vários homens. Roma Maffia co-estrelou como o detetive Reese Evans, que lidera a investigação dos assassinatos.

Quando i nuovi tutori impediscono alla sedicenne Andy e a suo fratello Bruce di prendere un cucciolo, la ragazzina non sa più come fare per trovare una casa al suo venerdì. I due, però, trovano casualmente un vecchio hotel abbandonato e dimenticato da tutti, tranne che da un gruppo di cagnolini che ci vive. I due bambini decidono allora di ristrutturare il posto e di renderlo un vero e proprio hotel per cani, con tutti i comfort desiderabili compreso un distributore automatico di scarpe da rosicchiare.

Back in 2009, we started our first outlet in Kuching, Sarawak. Today, Place2Stay pursues to grow and now, we have 21 outlets operating throughout Malaysia and overseas. We are so excited to welcome you because our hotels' interior design and strategic location will be your ideal first choice for business or leisure purposes.

Started with first outlet in Kuching, Sarawak back in 2009, Place2Stay continues to grow and today, it operates with 12 hotels located throughout Malaysia and overseas. Our hotels' modern interiors and strategic locations will be your ideal choice for business or holiday.

We believe that a comfortable stay is essential during travel; no matter you're travelling for business or pleasure, you completely deserve the best night's rest. Hence, with Place2Stay we provide you the comforts and essentials a traveler craves and looks forward for a restful stay yet truly cost-effective! Please check the room types and hotels that we offer.

We believe a comfortable stay is essential during travel; No matter if you're traveling for business or pleasure, you deserve the best night's rest. With Place2Stay, we provide comforts and essentials a traveler needs for a restful stay yet truly affordable. Check the different room types and hotels we offer.

What's more exciting and interesting, Place2stay in house reservation makes booking session fast, easy, and hassle free. Get instant confirmation when you book with us. Visit our hotel page for more information on our outlets and for room availability.

What's more, Place2Stay in house reservation makes booking fast, easy and hassle free. Get instant confirmation when you book with us. Visit our hotels page for more information on outlets and check for availability. Place2Stay welcomes you!

Whether you are seeking a perfect family holiday, an active getaway or a relaxing retreat, the 5 star Rhodes Bay Hotel offers a stunning location and a warm and welcoming stay. Occupying an enviable position on the beachfront in Ixia, near to the town of Rhodes, this luxury hotel in Rhodes presents a world of relaxation with wellness and recreational activities, direct beach access, world-class spa services and gourmet cuisine.

Our vacation in Thailand took an ominous turn the day after Christmas. During the monumental Indian Ocean tsunamis on December 26, my wife, my son and I had just arrived at the south end of Patong Beach, on the island of Phuket, one of the severely impacted beach areas in Thailand. Our hotel was one building back from the beachfront hotels, so although there was brief flooding on the ground floor level and later problems with water and electricity, we were fine. My notes focus on the first three hours of first aid and rescue before the ambulances arrived---at one portion of one beach on one island. This kind of effort went on at thousands of locations around the Indian Ocean that morning against a backdrop of unknown risk of further tsunami waves. For these countries December 26, 2004 was like September 11, 2001 in the USA. 041b061a72


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