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Track Making Software Free Download

In addition to free trials for professional DAW software like Ableton 11, Pro Tools, and FL Studio, there are excellent DAWs you can download and use completely for free, with no limitations. The internet also has countless free music plugins you can use inside a DAW to sculpt your sounds when producing. Many of them can hold their own against software that costs hundreds of dollars.

track making software free download


You can search by keyword to find almost any sound or instrument, from the perfect kick drum to eerie and atmospheric winds to big brass hits. Not only that, but modifiers within Arcade let you play around with any chosen sound on the fly, so within seconds you can find a Loop, lock it to the key of your track, chop it up, and more to make it your own. And, fresh sounds are added every week. New users get a free trial.

Whether you're just starting to make music as a hobby or planning to become the next world-famous producer, it's best to begin with free music production software. If it goes well, you can always switch to a premium option that gives you more freedom and a greater variety of tools later on.

When it comes to beginner-friendly music-making software on a Mac, GarageBand is the number one free option. It's easy enough to download from the App Store, and it teaches beginner musicians how to do some powerful things, like making beats with loops.

As far as music-making apps for Windows go, DarkWave Studio is a popular alternative to the mainstay industry offerings. It doesn't take up much space on your computer, which is perfect if you plan to use this free software to make music on a laptop (here are some of the best laptops for making music in general). While DarkWave Studio is free, there are a few in-app ads you need to put up with, which is to be expected.

With so many options and settings, DarkWave Studio may feel a little difficult to use at first. The good news is that you can find plenty of tutorials and support online, making this one of the best pieces of free music-making software for beginners.

Unlike the free music software that we've already covered, Audacity is a digital audio editor, not a digital audio workstation. There are many creative uses for Audacity, though its main purpose is manipulating audio data. But if you're looking for a combination between free music production and editing software, Audacity is the way to go.

Audacity lets you edit samples, process audio files, and export music in a range of formats, including MP3, WAV, or AIFF. It's great if you're looking for free music-making software to put together beats and samples for songs.

LMMS (which used to stand for Linux MultiMedia Studio) is a cross-platform music production app, now available on macOS, Windows, and Linux. It's suitable for all kinds of music production and is a great free software option for beginners.

LMMS uses multiple windows to help you create music. You can edit melodies in the Piano Roll and create a rhythm section with the Beat+Bassline Editor. Get an overview of your song's structure in the Song Editor, and then mix everything together with the FX Mixer. You can even automate effects and volume using the Automation Editor. LMMS also offers a wide variety of instrument synthesizers, so it's a great piece of software to make music for free using MIDI controllers.

Most free music production apps are usually limited in their ability to integrate with other music-making software. LMMS shines in its compatibility with third-party apps, and the free music-making software that you already use will likely be included. The program supports VST and LADSPA plugins, giving you a myriad of effect options to apply to your music.

Tracktion T7 was once a premium music production app. Rather than drop T7 when the next version came out, Tracktion decided to give it away under a different name, Waveform, making this free music program one of the most feature-packed options on this list. Unfortunately, it can be a little buggy.

Rebranded as Cakewalk by BandLab, this free music-making software for Windows is backed by over 30 years of development. It's another powerful option that you can use to compose, record, edit, mix, master, and share your music.

You can add an unlimited number of audio or MIDI tracks using its award-winning user interface. Then take advantage of Cakewalk's VST3 software instruments and studio-quality effects, like convolution reverb and dynamic compression.

Cakewalk by BandLab is only available to Windows users, but it's one of the best free music-making apps for PCs. BandLab recommends you use a computer with a multi-core Intel processor and at least 4GB of RAM.

This list of free music-making software is only the tip of the iceberg. If you're serious about learning how to make digital music for free, there are so many other music production apps still out there to explore.

Researching and reading about other people's experiences with each option can help, but the best way to find your favorite is by trying some of them out. So many of the options on this list offer everything that you need. Who knows? With any of these choices on your side, you may never have to trade in your free music-making software for a paid alternative.

Adobe Audition is our pick for the best music production software overall. It's not free - like most Adobe products, it requires a single app or Creative Cloud subscription. But the music-making app offers a huge range of industry-standard tools and effects for professional production polish.

In the free music-making app, every section is scalable. So, you can adjust to suit your workflow and the bottom panel changes to display whichever parameters you've selected elsewhere on the screen.

When we tried out the music production software, we were prompted to create an account before download. After the initial installation, the app suggested it was running in demo mode. If this happens to you, don't worry - you just need to click 'Unlock' and re-enter your account details to get your hands on all the features you need to make music.

Apple GarageBand is easily the best free music-making software for Mac users - and it's powerful enough that, were it available outside the Apple ecosphere, it would take the number one slot. The app version even includes some features found in Apple Logic Pro.

Apple has done a very good job at creating the perfect gateway into free music production, offering a clear journey towards Apple's fully-functional, pro-level audio editor. We found the interface, which apes Logic, really helped the free music-composing software ease the transition to the more premium audio tool.

AmpliTube Custom Shop - a cut-down version of the premium AmpliTube - offers the best free software to make music if you're a guitarist. After all, this is a fully functional guitar rig modelling app.

The Custom Shop feature is a nice addition, offering gaming-style add-ons to expand your collection of amp models, stompboxes and cab sims. However, at this stage, the music-making software stops being free - although there is a 'try before you buy' preview. And you don't need them if you just want to make some music.

Cakewalk may be a familiar name to veteran music producers. It was one of the first ever digital audio workstations, but its owner Gibson halted development. Luckily, cloud music creation platform BandLab snapped one of the best free music-making software out there and has made it available to everyone.

Cakewalk is a complete music mixing package. It features everything you need to make music for free, with creative songwriting tools and instruments, advanced mixing and mastering tools, unlimited MIDI and audio tracks for your own recordings, and a full suite of editing tools. When we call it 'complete', we mean it.

Not every free DAW is designed to help produce multi-million dollar albums. We test how well the software meets the needs of its intended users. So, a product for beginners should be easy to navigate and use; an industry-grade program needs to offer tools appropriate for pros.

Finally, we make sure that free means free. No hidden costs, credit card details, or secret subscriptions. Where a music-making app offers optional fees, we expect these to be clearly sign-posted for the user.

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