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Destination Golf Tournament (Copa de Golf Melia Cuba) Group

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Michael Perez
Michael Perez

Soulsland Last Fight-DOGE

When the skeletons have been cleared away, you can continue up the stairs to find more enemies. They'll be firing arrows at you from above, where you can't reach them, so quickly move toward the archway ahead. It's covered in a fog, but you can pass through it and from there into a hallway. Once the fog dissolves, look to the left while passing through the archway. There's an opening in this direction, which you should follow. As you proceed along that narrow corridor, watch the floor for a glowing tile. When you step on it, be ready for some arrows to fire at you from further down the corridor. You can avoid them by quickly pressing toward the right side of the passage. The arrows will pass by your side and when the last of them have missed, you can continue onward.

Soulsland Last Fight-DOGE

Title. You can get a new title in the Soulforce Trials section, where you have to activate the constellation using BP points, the last star is activated after defeating the boss. The higher the title, the greater the bonus that the team of heroes receives to the main characteristics.

House of gold. In this treasury, you will receive gold bars as the main reward. There are 12 levels here, the last one opens when the team reaches level 115. Every day you can make 2 attacks on the House of Gold to earn the necessary gold coins for development. To start the battle, you need to spend 6 units of energy. The main task is to defeat as many opponents as possible in one minute in order to get the maximum reward.

Kingdom of Wisdom. Fighting Bosses in this treasury will allow you to get special items for upgrading the equipment of heroes. There are 12 levels here, the last one opens when the team reaches level 116. The main task is to defeat the Boss with special skills in 3 minutes.

House of Experience. In this treasury, as the main reward, you will receive experience potions to increase the level of heroes. There are 12 difficulty levels, which open one after another in accordance with the level of the team, the last one opens when the team reaches level 120. The cost of the battle is 6 units of energy, in one day you can join the battle twice. Within the allotted time, you must defeat all opponents.

This boss is incredibly aggressive. Your window of opportunity for attacks only lasts for about one to two hits. These windows are in between his various attacks. After hitting him once or twice, immediately prepare to dodge his upcoming attack. Wait until the next window arrives to attack him again. 041b061a72


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