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Buy Cooked Lobster Online

Maine Lobster meat for sale online. Fresh tail, knuckle and claw lobster meat (TCK) shipped straight from the clean, cold Atlantic waters to your table! NEW. Limited supply of conveniet cooked claw and knuckle meat. Also available is our 1 lb. raw (uncooled) claw and knuckle lobster meat. ?

buy cooked lobster online

Wondering where to buy lobster meat online? Our premium Maine lobster meat for sale includes big chunks of tail, claw and knuckle lobster meat. Our 100% natural fresh- frozen lobster meat is ready to eat, with absolutely no preservatives. Our frozen lobster meat is considered the the ultimate white meat with a distinctive flavor, mild and slightly sweet.

Nothing adds flavor and elegance to a recipe like sweet, tender chunks of lobster meat. Harvested from the cold, clean waters of the North Atlantic, we cook our lobster fresh from the dock, pick the most succulent meat by hand, then instantly freeze it to lock in the flavor.

Our 1 pound lobster meat packs consist of fresh shucked raw CK (claw and knuckle meat) from select lobsters. That means huge pieces! As many lobster lovers know, the knuckle meat is the sweetest part of the lobster. Claw and knuckle meat is ready to butter poach, sauté, or steam.

The meat is produced using a specialized high-pressure extraction system. This proprietary process extracts the lobster meat from the shell without heat or steam. Lobsters are processed within 12 hours of harvest and quickly flash frozen. The meat has a succulent, sweet flavor.

We are originally from Maine and love the fresh lobster straight from the cold Atlantic waters. Now we live in the south and getting lobster is nearly impossible and when able. it is not a good experience or taste. A friend told me about Lobster Anywhere and we ordered our first pound a few days ago. Eating it transported us back to Maine. It was spectacular in every way. Thank you so much for your fine work in getting it to us quickly and perfectly.

When Logan Clarke established the Lobster Trap in 1972, he started selling fishing supplies like buoys and traps before moving to fresh, off-the-boat seafood. Clarke's passion for quality was fostered through drives to New Bedford, where he would hand pick the best seafood, and trips up the coast of Maine for the best lobster New England has to offer. Over the course of almost fifty years, what was once a small seaside shanty has grown into to an international operation with four locations and thousands of customers.

Purchasing lobsters online can be intimidating, but Lobster Anywhere makes it a breeze. This wholesaler provides Maine-caught lobsters of the highest quality, and orders are delivered within 24 hours. The site is also service-oriented for even the most novice cooks, providing detailed information coupled with elegant illustrations to help you feel confident in your lobster purchase. As such, Lobster Anywhere takes our top spot as best overall lobster delivery service.

Steaming and boiling are the two best ways to cook lobster. Steaming cooks the lobster slowly and offers more control to minimize the chance of overcooking. Meanwhile, boiling cooks lobster faster under high, intense heat.

Each lobster delivery service packs its products differently. Live lobsters are usually packed in a reusable polystyrene cooler with ice-cold gel packs to retain the cold temperature. UPS and FedEx are often used as carriers.

Perfect for that special dinner or event all year round. These come from our local waters which is the Oldest working Seaport in America. Chosen directly from our local lobstermen in the New England area and shipped to your Home, Friends, and Business associates via FedEx overnight service.

From meaty, deep-water Maine lobsters to sweet diver scallops and wild-caught swordfish, we ship them all with the tools of the trade and personal touches that turn eating into an event. So reward your passion for premium seafood and experience the ocean, delivered to your door.

Indulge in the freshest, most delicious lobsters that are available to buy in the UK. Lobster is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to a meal, whether it's incorporated as part of a dish or the star of the show.

Ordering online is simple, it should only take a few minutes, but if you have any issues or would prefer to order over the phone, please call our customer service team 08.30-16.30 Monday to Friday. We are not able to take orders via email.

Steamed 1.25 lb lobster, cooked then quickly chilled, our lobster is the freshest around from local fisherman! Steamed perfectly, take the work out of preparing lobster with this ready-to-eat version from Local 130! Can be eaten cold or reheated. All you'll need is some melted butter for a truly decadent and delicious dinner!

The smoked salmon is delicious. Friendly service and the lobster is fresh. Always cooked perfect. It is my go to spot to grab the special after a long day at work. Calling ahead makes it quick and easy.

Lobsters are freshly cooked to order within our factory. Seasonal supply and demand affect price dramatically so our price list can alter. Please note: all items are sold as approximate and pre-cooked weight, some cook loss will occur.

Get fresh Maine lobsters delivered right to your door the next day. Lobsters Online has options for shipments from one pound to four pounds, and full dinner spreads for two to six people. You can also get prepared foods like clam chowder and bacon wrapped scallops. I think tomorrow night's dinner is covered.

The name of the company kinda says it all. You want Maine lobster? Get it now. Your order will be shipped overnight and live. Or you can order tails, rolls, lobster mac and cheese, or full-on dinners.

If you find yourself hesitant to purchase lobsters from this retailer, just take a look at the thousands of reviews, almost all of which are five stars. People who love Maine lobster but can't make the trek up there turn to Get Maine Lobster, and we can see why.

If for some reason you want to order yourself a lobster so big that you will likely need a new pot just to fit it, Lobster Anywhere has you covered. Order their six pounder or go with a slightly more manageable size of one to three pounds.

These are native lobster from Scotland or Cornwall, depending on supplies. They are very popular and it's not hard to see why! They've been steamed rather than boiled as steaming helps keep the meat moister and retain that gorgeous just cooked texture. Whilst we recommend eating it cold, if you did want to reheat it, our advise is to do so very gently. It is super easy to overcook the lobster and make it chewy, so perhaps reheat by steaming it over a pan of boiling water. Otherwise if you are planning to use it in something like a thermidor where you are going to have to put the meat into or under a sauce and then grill the sauce, then don't reheat the meat before you put the sauce on it. Once you grill the sauce, the meat will have reheated.

The lobster is steamed to perfection, and immersed in ice water to stop cooking. This ensures a tender flesh that easily detaches from the shell. For additional costs our chef will be able to cut and crack your lobster. You will receive a medium-sized lobster, minimum 1.5 lbs.

Eventide Oyster Co. is a James Beard Award-winning restaurant with locations in Boston and Portland, Maine, but you can have one of its specialties, a Brown Butter Lobster Roll, no matter where you're located. This kit comes with 12 ounces of lobster meat, six ounces of brown butter vinaigrette, four steamed bao buns, and chives as a garnish.

Ask someone from Maine for their favorite lobster spot, and chances are Beal's Lobster Pier will come up. The wholesale fish and lobster business began operating in Southwest Harbor, Maine in 1932, and it added a restaurant in 1969. This kit comes with one pound of lobster meat, four brioche buns, Beal's Buttah and Mayo, and two small bags of potato chips. Fresh crab meat can be added for an additional fee.

This Luke's Lobster kit combines two delicious summer offerings: lobster rolls and blueberry pie. The seven-inch pie is made with Wyman's wild Maine blueberries and comes from beloved Portland bakery Two Fat Cats. The pound of lobster knuckle and claw meat is flash-frozen to ensure it's fresh when it arrives.

If Oprah and Gayle King endorse something, you know it's worth trying. The dynamic duo gave this set of two lobster white truffle pizzas and two lobster pot pies their seal of approval. The kit comes from the Kennebunk Inn in Maine, whose chefs/owners met as students at the Culinary Institute of America. They have since appeared on "Best Thing I Ever Ate," "Chopped," "Rewrapped," and "Beat Bobby Flay" on the Food Network and on the Travel Channel's "Food Paradise."

For a West Coast option, order from Pike Place Chowder in Seattle. Since it opened in Pike Place Market in 2003, the restaurant has served more than three million bowls of chowder. Its New England Clam Chowder was voted Yelp's most popular dish in America for 2018, based on 155 million reviews. This kit comes with one pound of lobster meat, one lemon, oyster crackers, brioche buns, butter, and one quart of either New England Clam Chowder or Seafood Bisque (made with salmon and Oregon bay shrimp).

Weighing in at two and a half pounds, this lobster mac & cheese is big enough to feed a crowd, either as a side dish or as a main course. Maine lobster chunks are coated in a creamy mascarpone-cheddar sauce and topped with a crunchy mix of panko bread crumbs, herbed butter, lemon zest, and parmesan cheese.

Maine lobster tails have succulent, rich meat that gives an extravagant presentation when plated. These are available shell on, frozen, and uncooked. For best preparation, let the tails completely thaw before cooking. Once defrosted you can boil, grill, or poach in butter.

Our product and process has been perfected since 1982 and is 100% guaranteed. We are committed to a pure product; therefore, we never use preservatives or additives. Order fresh lobster meat online and have it shipped straight to your door or pick it up curbside. 041b061a72


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