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How to Download Final Kombat and Play with All DLC Characters

How to Download Final Kombat: A Complete Guide

If you are a fan of fighting games, you have probably heard of Final Kombat, one of the most iconic and successful franchises in the genre. Final Kombat is a series of games that pits various characters, each with their own unique abilities and personalities, against each other in brutal and bloody battles. Whether you want to unleash your inner warrior, test your skills, or just have some fun, Final Kombat is a game that you should definitely try.

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But how can you download Final Kombat and enjoy it on your device? In this article, we will show you everything you need to know about downloading Final Kombat, from its history and features to its requirements and sources. We will also give you some tips on how to make the most out of your gaming experience. By the end of this article, you will be ready to enter the world of Final Kombat and face your opponents with confidence.

The History of Final Kombat

Before we dive into the details of downloading Final Kombat, let's take a look at the history of this amazing game series. How did it start, how did it evolve, and what makes it so popular?

The Origins of Final Kombat

Final Kombat was created by Midway Games, a video game company based in Chicago, in the early 1990s. The original idea was to make a fighting game featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme, a famous martial arts actor, but the deal fell through. Instead, the developers decided to create their own characters and story, inspired by movies like Enter the Dragon and Big Trouble in Little China.

The first game, titled Final Kombat, was released in arcades in 1992. It featured eight playable characters, each with their own fighting style and special moves. The game also introduced the concept of fatalities, finishing moves that allowed the player to kill their opponent in a gruesome way. The game was a huge hit, thanks to its realistic graphics, fast-paced gameplay, and violent content.

The Evolution of Final Kombat

Following the success of the first game, Midway Games released several sequels and spin-offs over the years, expanding the roster of characters, improving the graphics and sound, adding new features and modes, and developing the story and lore. Some of the most notable titles include:

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  • Final Kombat II (1993): Added more characters, stages, fatalities, and secrets.

  • Final Kombat 3 (1995): Introduced the run and combo systems.

  • Final Kombat 4 (1997): The first game to use 3D graphics and weapons.

  • Final Kombat: Deadly Alliance (2002): Revamped the gameplay and introduced the krypt, a mode where the player can unlock various items.

  • Final Kombat: Deception (2004): Added more modes, such as puzzle, chess, and konquest.

  • Final Kombat: Armageddon (2006): Featured the largest roster of characters and the ability to create custom fighters.

  • Final Kombat vs. DC Universe (2008): A crossover game with characters from the DC Comics universe.

  • Final Kombat (2011): A reboot of the series that retold the events of the first three games with updated graphics and gameplay.

  • Final Kombat X (2015): Introduced the variation system, where each character has three different styles to choose from.

  • Final Kombat 11 (2019): The latest game in the series, featuring a time-traveling story and customizable gear.

The Legacy of Final Kombat

Besides the games, Final Kombat has also spawned various media adaptations, such as movies, TV shows, comics, books, and toys. Some of the most well-known examples are:

  • Final Kombat (1995): A live-action movie that followed the plot of the first game and starred actors like Christopher Lambert, Robin Shou, and Bridgette Wilson.

  • Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997): A sequel to the first movie that was poorly received by critics and fans.

  • Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm (1996): An animated TV series that aired on USA Network and featured voice actors like Clancy Brown, Ron Perlman, and Cree Summer.

  • Mortal Kombat: Conquest (1998-1999): A live-action TV series that focused on the adventures of a young Kung Lao, a descendant of the original champion of Final Kombat.

  • Mortal Kombat: Legacy (2011-2013): A web series that reimagined the origins and stories of various characters in a realistic and gritty way.

  • Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge (2020): An animated movie that retold the events of the first game from the perspective of Scorpion, one of the most popular characters in the series.

  • Mortal Kombat (2021): A reboot of the live-action movie franchise that featured a new cast and storyline.

The Features of Final Kombat

Now that you know some of the history of Final Kombat, let's take a look at some of the features that make this game series so fun and exciting. What can you expect from playing Final Kombat?

The Characters of Final Kombat

One of the main attractions of Final Kombat is its diverse and colorful cast of characters. There are over 70 characters in the series, each with their own backstory, personality, appearance, and abilities. Some of them are humans, some are aliens, some are gods, some are cyborgs, some are zombies, and some are even animals. Some of them are heroes, some are villains, some are anti-heroes, and some are neutral. Some of them are related to each other, some are friends, some are enemies, and some are rivals. Some of them have been in every game, some have appeared only once or twice, and some have been killed off or resurrected.

No matter what kind of character you prefer, you will surely find someone who suits your taste in Final Kombat. Here are some examples of the most iconic characters in the series:




Fatality Example

Liu Kang

A Shaolin monk who is the main protagonist and champion of Final Kombat. He fights with martial arts and fireballs.


The Dragon: Liu Kang transforms into a dragon and bites his opponent in half


A specter who seeks vengeance for the murder of his clan and family. He fights with a kunai and chain and hellfire.


Toastie: Scorpion removes his mask and breathes fire on his opponent, burning them to a crisp


A ninja who belongs to the Lin Kuei clan. He fights with ice powers and can freeze his opponents.


Spine Rip: Sub-Zero grabs his opponent's head and rips it off along with the spine

Sonya Blade

A special forces officer who is the leader of the Outer World Investigation Agency. She fights with military skills and gadgets.


Kiss of Death: Sonya blows a kiss that creates a pink energy ring that slices her opponent in half


The god of thunder and the protector of Earthrealm. He fights with lightning and teleportation.


Electric Fly: Raiden flies towards his opponent and electrocutes them until they explode

Shang Tsung

A sorcerer who serves the evil emperor Shao Kahn. He fights with magic and can shapeshift into other characters.


Soul Steal: Shang Tsung drains his opponent's soul and takes their appearance


A four-armed half-dragon who is the champion of Outworld. He fights with b


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