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Sister Wives - Season 16

Sister Wives is an American reality television series broadcast on TLC. It documents the life of a polygamist family living in Lehi, Utah, which includes patriarch Kody Brown, his four wives and their 18 children. Consisting of nine episodes, the first season premiered with a one-hour debut on September 26, 2010[1] and ran until November 21, 2010.[2][3] The series was renewed for a second season, which began in March 2011.[4] The second season continued after a brief hiatus on September 25, 2011.[5] The third season debuted on May 13, 2012,[6] with the fourth-season premiere on July 21, 2013.[7]

Sister Wives - Season 16

So far, many fans have found the Sister Wives season 16 Tell-All to be disappointing compared to the rest of the season and previous reunion episodes. Fans have been calling Sister Wives season 16 the best in history. As a result, many viewers had high hopes for the reunion to bring the same level of drama. Unfortunately, though, there are many reasons why fans are feeling let down by the Tell-All so far.

Sister Wives season 16 saw the Brown family struggling to come to an agreement with how to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic on their large estate in Phoenix, Arizona. It saw Kody and Robyn Brown pitted against Christine and Janelle after Kody set strict rules about each wife isolating from one another and even himself. Christine and Janelle frequently saw each other, and Christine reached her breaking point that resulted in ending her marriage to Kody after over 25 years together.

During the first part of the Sister Wives season 16 Tell-All, Kody and Meri talked in individual interviews about their nonexistent physical relationship. It also showed Robyn acting devastated by Christine's departure from the family, which many fans sensed was fake. While Kody's relationship with Robyn remains solid, many fans think his other marriages will likely end soon too. Meanwhile, many fans wished that the kids would be a part of the reunion like they had been in previous seasons, especially since they are now all older and would likely have more to say.

This Sister Wives Tell-All would benefit from having Gabriel and Garrison Brown on after it was revealed that Kody had not even been speaking to them. It would also be interesting to see more about how Ysabel feels about her dad not joining her when she got her spinal surgery after watching it play out on TV. Fans also thought that the four wives and Kody were only telling partial truths. Meanwhile, their children might've given out more honest answers. Overall, Sister Wives fans felt that the Tell-All has been more about rehashing stale drama as opposed to bringing anything new to the table.

Most of the strife in the Brown family during season 16 of Sister Wives centered around the pandemic. Kody and Robyn Brown insisted they were being the most careful, with Robyn and her children opting not to leave the house or let other people enter their home. Kody and Robyn also took to wiping down mail to prevent the virus from entering.

Clips are shown of Robyn handing other family members a list of what appear to be Covid rules, which the rest of the wives do not take too kindly to, noting, "Kody is not somebody to be run by one of his wives." The 52-year-old father then directly asks Robyn, "Are you the head of the family?"

They all gathered for a bonfire to say goodbye to Hunter before he heads to school. There were only three fires with four wives so Meri hung out with Robyn. They are the only two Kody feels have been properly quarantined. In the confessional, Christine admitted she and Janelle have hung out during the pandemic. It was not socially distanced but if she had to choose between Kody and Janelle, she was choosing Janelle. She also shared Ysabel was getting ready for her scoliosis surgery yet Kody was not coming because it was too long for him to be away from the family.

Janelle is willing to accommodate Christine but, in the end, they work through the lots once again and settle on them. Kody is bitter he has to get the last pick, feeling he will never be able to sell it. He says the wives can up and leave but he is stuck. Christine admits she does not want her lot because she and Kody are struggling. She wants to move and right now, he face is smiling but her heart is hurting. This is not a functioning marriage.

Christine needs to know what the other wives had to say. He wants her to find better reasons to stay. For her, Utah feels like home with a lot of her family there and a community. She admits she is not ready to build her home yet. They have a dysfunctional marriage and she does not want to live across from full functioning marriage. He notes she has never been happy wherever they have lived. Moreover, it is not fair to the other wives, in his opinion.

On the Season 16 premiere of Sister Wives, Christine was going through the motions of living in Flagstaff. She admitted to still wanting to get back to Utah. Kody approached all the wives about why they did not want to relocate again. For Robyn, she did love Utah, as well. However, this was going to be her last move. Meri tried to calm Christine down when she felt she could not be with Kody anymore. It did not work and probably not from the best source.

It has been five months since the virus started and the family needs to find a way to gather. The kids have been constantly complaining about not being able to see each other. Janelle is hoping the kids do not have to wear masks if they are all socially distanced. Kody knows if he enforces masks, it will be a hot mess. The problem for him is that the wives, with the exception of Robyn, have all been running their households differently. Janelle says she follows the CDC guidelines but believes Kody and Robyn are a little tighter.

Dory Jackson is an Associate Editor for PEOPLE's digital TV team. While at the brand, she's had the opportunity to interview a long list of celebrities, from Kate Hudson to Pierce Brosnan to Billy Porter. She also recaps popular TV shows like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules.

The stars of Sister Wives gathered for the eagerly anticipated season 16 tell-all, giving Kody Brown and each of his spouses, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn Brown, an opportunity to share their sides of the story in one-on-one interviews.

The future of the Brown family seemed up in the air after the Season 15 finale of TLC's "Sister Wives." According to TV Shows Ace, tensions seemed extremely high within the polygamist clan, with husband Kody Brown even saying, "I am in polygamy hell. I can't take it anymore." During the season, fans got to see the Browns adjusting to their new life in Flagstaff, Arizona, living separately in temporary homes, according to Series Date. Adding in the COVID-19 pandemic really put a strain on the entire family's relationship, and it had some viewers worried that this could be the end of "Sister Wives" altogether.

While nothing has been officially announced for Season 16 of "Sister Wives," Mykelti Padron, daughter of Kody and his third wife, Christine Brown, hinted that another season was in fact happening in an Instagram Live back in April (via Showbiz Cheatsheet). TLC has not confirmed anything, but there are plenty of rumors as to when the show will return, who will be in the cast, and even some of the drama you can expect to see the Brown family tackle.

It seems fans will have to wait a bit to see what's going on with the Browns. According to PopCulture, the next season will likely follow the same schedule as Season 15, which premiered on Feb. 14, 2021. Therefore, new episodes would probably begin airing around January or February 2022. PopCulture notes that for older series like "Sister Wives," TLC doesn't announce if a show has been picked up until a few weeks before its return.

Reality Titbit also speculates that a new season will be coming after Mykelti revealed that they had shot footage of her daughter Avalon's birth, which wasn't shown in Season 15. Considering the show has shifted to only airing one season per year since Season 12 in 2018, it's very likely that Season 16 of "Sister Wives" will air around February 2022. If this is true, you'll have to wait till around the end of this year or beginning of next year for confirmation from TLC.

Work on the family's new property has been very slow. When they first purchased the land, Kody Brown wanted to build one house for all four of his wives, but that idea was shot down, according to Us Weekly, for four individual houses instead. However, construction has been delayed, resulting in the family being split up across various locations. With tensions high, many wonder if all four wives will be returning for Season 16.

For the other wives, Janelle Brown actually just moved onto the Coyote Pass property after her rental home was sold (via Instagram). So, it's likely she'll be back, as well as Robyn Brown who has had similar struggles trying to find a good rental home, according to ScreenRant. As far as Christine Brown goes, there's no word on whether or not she'll appear in Season 16, but things with her and Kody seem "rocky" (via The U.S. Sun).

Fans are even speculating that Christine and Kody have decided to go their separate ways. Back in November 2020, it was reported that Kody transferred his share of the Warranty Deed of their Arizona home to Christine, which is when split rumors started (via The U.S. Sun). Now, the "Sister Wives" star has put their home on the market, which further supports the idea that Christine is moving on. Of course, this could just be the "roller coaster ride" that Christine has described as her relationship with Kody and her fellow sister wives before. According to People, the reality TV star has admitted that feelings have "ebbed and flowed" and there are "always ups and downs." Right now, though, she's on a cross-country road trip with her daughters Ysabel and Truely, which could be a much needed break from all the stress in Arizona. 041b061a72


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