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About Level-21 Destination Events

Level-21 Destination Events is a full-service Destination Event Management Company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Level-21 Destination Events specializes in travel, sports, events and entertainment. Our travel, transportation, and accommodation are provided by THE TRAVEL AGENT NEXT DOOR! TICO 50021282


Level-21 was created to provide unparalleled service. People travel to connect with other cultures and explore different destinations. Cuba is the second home for Canadians in the Caribbean and one of the safest destinations in the world. That is why we created destination events services with a strong network.


Cuba is our main destination and offers extremely high standards of hospitality. We are committed to building for you an unforgettable experience 

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About Jovier Navarro

Level-21 Destination Events CEO & Founder.
Destination Events Manager.
Cuba Travel Advisor.

I am a native of Cuba. I have been involved in and I am passionate about sports, events & bringing people together since I was a child. Hospitality is in my heart. 


Growing up in Cuba there were many options for education. but I was very interested in sports & tourism. 


I was one of the first people from my small hometown of Bolondron in Matanzas, Cuba, to attend one of the best sports schools in all of Cuba where I was accepted as a sprinter.  It enabled me to receive the best education possible, and graduate from one of the best Cuban Universities, The University of Matanzas - Camilo Cienfuegos with a degree in Sports Science as well as a major in art of entertainment at the Varadero School of Tourism. With my degrees, I have worked in many organizations and become a part of the hotel event management team in one of the most well-known hotels in Varadero. It was my passion to get people involved, and active & have a phenomenal experience during their vacation time! 


Moving to Canada I was very lucky and proud to work as a Destination Event Manager for one of the best student travel companies in North America. I was mainly responsible for all group arrivals & departures, hotel accommodations, events, off-resort excursions, sports tournaments, banquets, and awards! 


Overall we organize activities and events for thousands of Canadian students, from which I have launched an international volunteer experience. Students are able to volunteer in many areas such as painting schools, restoring baseball diamonds, and helping with community projects in my hometown. I can honestly say that through being involved in sports. I have been blessed to give back to the community, which is an integral part of everything I do.

Level-21 Destination Events                                  Super Team!

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Hello Jovier, First Off, Please allow me to thank you for your personal approach and profe
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