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Hunting Ava Bravo

Exciting start to the movie with an interesting twist that avoids your typical cliché, but once Ava (Kate del Castillo) leaves the cabin and treks into the forest , the movie slowly starts to become repetitive with too much tedious conversation between the two main leads, and not enough hunting going on. Overall, a survival thriller that had potential, but suffocates under an avalanche of bad writing, a glacier pace, and missed opportunities. Points awarded for the wintry setting and the decent performance from Kate del Castillo.

Hunting Ava Bravo


Hunting Ava Bravo (2022) (movie): Billionaire sportsman Buddy King unwinds by hunting human captives on his remote mountain estate. But his latest victim, Ava Bravo, is no easy target. Discover the latest Discussions, Reviews, Quotes, Theories, Explanations and Analysis of Hunting Ava Bravo (2022) below

""If I die, you die""Buddy King is a billionaire and sportsman. He finds peace by hunting human captives on his remote mountain estate. He does not shy away from anything. But his latest victim, Ava Bravo, is not an easy target. She is determined to defend herself to the utmost.

I like how this movie is labeled as an action thriller. But I am getting ahead of myself here.When I sat down here in 2022 to watch "Hunting Ava Bravo", from writers Julie Auerbach, Kevin Tavolaro and Marc Blucas, it was doing so without ever having heard about the movie. However, I like the movie's cover, and the synopsis sounded interesting enough. Plus, the fact that I hadn't already seen the movie before, also made me sit down to watch it.Now, I don't understand the need for hunting Ava here, because the sheer boredom instilled from this movie would be sufficient to do the trick. Man, talk about a slow paced and monotonous movie. And this was an action thriller? I bed to differ. Nothing thrilling about this movie, it was simply too uneventful and slow paced.The acting in the movie was okay. I wasn't familiar with lead actress Kate del Castillo, but it was fun enough to see Marc Blucas make it to a movie such as this. A shame that they had nothing to work with in terms of script, storyline, character development and dialogue.Sure, there was potential for a more interesting movie here, but director Gary Auerbach simply squandered it.If you enjoy action thrillers, then I would strongly suggest that you get your thrills elsewhere, because "Hunting Ava Bravo" simply isn't worth the effort.The movie's cover was actually the best part about the entire experience.My rating of "Hunting Ava Bravo" lands on a three out of ten stars. 041b061a72


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